We do not consider unsolicited manuscripts. Newfound Press publishes peer-reviewed works that may have a limited and/or specialized audience. We publish book length manuscripts, works of digital scholarship, and scholarly journals or other serial works. Of particular interest are works with interdisciplinary approaches and those relevant to Tennessee and the Southeast.

Criteria for Publication

Newfound Press is committed to disseminating peer-reviewed works that may have a limited and/or specialized audience. Works published by Newfound Press must meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • Demonstrates scholarly rigor
  • Offers an innovative presentation, particularly involving digital media
  • Contains content and approach of potential interest across disciplines
  • Reflects regional relevance
  • Merits wide dissemination and preservation, but unlikely to be published by a traditional press because of narrow focus or innovative format

House Style

Newfound Press follows the Chicago Manual of Style for text.

Manuscript Preparation

Manuscript Preparation Guidelines for Authors

Review Process

When manuscripts are received, we identify peer reviewers, soliciting scholars in appropriate disciplines to review submissions. Reviewers address questions on the Newfound Press manuscript review form or the Newfound Press manuscript review form for multimedia. Once Newfound Press decides to publish a work, the author works closely with editorial and production staff.


Copyright owners grant Newfound Press non-exclusive rights to disseminate their work in perpetuity. This arrangement means that others may also publish the work and receive permission from the copyright holder to publish or disseminate in other forms. Newfound Press requires authors and editors to include copyright information with a statement of ownership, an invitation to reproduce content under certain conditions, and a warning about possible infringements. We encourage authors to license their work using a Creative Commons license. See more at Copyright Information from UT Libraries.