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Why Publish with Newfound Press

Benefits of Publishing with Newfound Press


Newfound Press collaborates with authors and researchers to bring new forms of publication to an expanding scholarly universe. Authors whose works have a narrow focus or are presented through innovative formats are of special interest to the Newfound Press Editorial Board.

Peer Review

Editorial Board members manage the peer review process.


Newfound Press provides editorial, design, and promotional services. Library staff apply expertise in copyediting, graphic design, desktop publishing, and programming to produce publications.

Access & Discovery

The Press secures ISBN and ISSN numbers for authors and editors.

Online availability through the Web offers exceptionally current access to research and ideas 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

Librarians have a venerable commitment to making information discoverable. We catalog new titles so that they appear in the UT online catalog and in the international bibliographic database, WorldCat. By adhering to international standards for creating metadata that promotes access, Newfound Press makes the content accessible globally through harvesters like the OAIster union catalog of digital resources. We register journals in the Directory of Open Access Journals and other emerging electronic discovery sources.


Publishing with Newfound Press ensures sustainable access through the library community’s emerging digital preservation standards. Placing content with Newfound Press ensures reliable access to the archive of current and back files.

Use Data

A statistical program provides use data for the content; this quantitative documentation can be used for many purposes.


The publishing community is an important partner, particularly publishers of databases that provide access to scholarly work, such as indexing/abstracting producers, citation index services, and reviewing sources. Newfound Press seeks to have publications reviewed widely and to be listed in reference and review sources, as well as in citation, indexing and abstracting databases.

Marketing Newfound Press comes naturally to librarians who have vast experience promoting information resources. Among the audiences targeted are users of scholarly information, the publishing community, and librarians. We ask authors to complete an Author Information Form to help us target our marketing efforts most effectively.

New Models for Scholarly Communication

A university library digital press has its roots in a publishing friendly culture. The University of Tennessee Libraries launched its digital imprint, Newfound Press, in 2005 to develop a framework for making scholarly and specialized works available through effective and open systems of scholarly communication. Newfound Press extends frontiers of learning by publishing peer-reviewed works in all disciplines, encompassing scientific research, humanistic scholarship, and artistic creation. Members of the Editorial Board represent a spectrum of disciplines and pursue diverse scholarly interests.

Quality is fundamental to Newfound Press. Publications are peer reviewed by subject experts who evaluate the content according to traditional standards for determining scholarly rigor. Newfound Press wants to earn a reputation for offering to researchers and the general public high quality content that might not otherwise be available in a market-driven economy.

Universities are both creators and consumers in the information economy. A digital library press offers the potential for making scholarly and specialized resources widely available at a reasonable cost. As the research community becomes more aware of the economics of scholarly publishing and its impact on access to their scholarly work, faculty and librarians are collaborating on alternatives to traditional publishing that ensure wide dissemination of research results at a reasonable cost. Fortunately, the Internet and digital scholarship have the potential to change the publishing environment dramatically.

Scholarly Publishing and Libraries

Expanding technologies and new forms of informal publication are creating new interest in university publishing; a report by the Ithaka research group urges administrators, librarians, and university presses to work together towards building a shared electronic publishing infrastructure. The 2012 Library Publishing Services: Strategies for Success Final Report documents how publishing has become a core function of academic libraries in North America.

Scholars welcome the benefits of electronic access to information and recognize the potential for presenting the outcomes of their research online. When institutions cover publication costs up front, one barrier to the free flow of information is eliminated. Universities seeking new publication models are exploring open access publishing to lower the costs of acquiring information, and to increase the likelihood that research results can be discovered.


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