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In the Wake of the Sun: Navigating the Southern Works of Cormac McCarthy by Christopher J. Walsh

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Front Matter, pp. i-xxvi
Cover page, publication information, dedication, table of contents, foreword, acknowledgments, introduction, note on the text.

Chapter 1, pp. 1-26

Chapter 2, pp. 27-44
The Short Stories

Chapter 3, pp. 45-96
The Orchard Keeper

Chapter 4, pp. 97-142
Outer Dark

Chapter 5, pp. 143-178
Child of God

Chapter 6, pp. 179-252

Chapter 7, pp. 253-294
The Road

Chapter 8, pp. 295-322
The Stonemason

Chapter 9, pp. 323-352
The Gardener's Son

Conclusion, pp. 353-356

Bibliography, pp. 357-376

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