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The Wondrous Bird's Nest I
   by Hans Jacob Christoffel von Grimmelshausen
Translated and Annotated
    by Robert L. Hiller and John C. Osborne

The Wondrous Bird's Nest I

DOI: 10.7290/V7QN64NR

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The Wondrous Bird's Nest I

The Wondrous Bird's Nest II

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The Wondrous Bird's Nest II

Front Matter pp. i-xxxiv
Cover page, title page, publication information, contents, chronology of Grimmelshausen's works, preface, translator's note, introduction, foreign words and phrases used in the text

The Wondrous Bird's Nest

The Ballad of the Wondrous Bird's Nest

Chapter One, pp. 1-4

Chapter Two, pp. 5-14

Chapter Three, pp. 15-22

Chapter Four, pp. 23-32

Chapter Five, pp. 33-38

Chapter Six, pp. 39-44

Chapter Seven, pp. 45-52

Chapter Eight, pp. 53-60

Chapter Nine, pp. 61-64

Chapter Ten, pp. 65-72

Chapter Eleven, pp. 73-78

Chapter Twelve, pp. 79-90

Chapter Thirteen, pp. 91-96

Chapter Fourteen, pp. 97-104

Chapter Fifteen, pp. 105-116

Chapter Sixteen, pp. 117-122

Chapter Seventeen, pp. 123-128

Chapter Eighteen, pp. 129-134

Chapter Nineteen, pp. 135-140

Chapter Twenty, pp. 141-154

Short References and Abbreviations Used in the Notes, pp. 155-156

Notes: Title Page, pp. 157-158

Notes, pp. 159-184

Bibliography, pp. 185-190

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