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Found, Featured, then Forgotten: U.S. Network TV News and the Vietnam Veterans Against the War by Mark D. Harmon

Found, Featured, then Forgotten

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DOI: 10.7290/V7G44N61

Front Matter, pp. i-x
Cover page, publication information, table of contents, preface, acknowledgments

Introduction, pp. 1-4

Chapter 1, pp. 5-28
A Powerful Medium Meets a Sterotype-Shattering Source

Chapter 2, pp. 29-42
The Past as Prologue: Antiwar Coverage Before the Vietnam Veterans Against the War

Chapter 3, pp. 43-56
Documenting the Coverage

Chapter 4, pp. 57-84
No Winter Soldiers but a Spring of News Discovery

Chapter 5, pp. 85-92
Reconstructing the Last Patrol

Chapter 6, pp. 93-102
A Summer of (Largely Ignored) Discontent

Chapter 7, pp. 103-128
Featured then Forgotten

Chapter 8, pp. 129-146
A Broader Meaning

Appendix, pp. 147-158
Social Movement Theory as Applied to the Vietnam Veterans Against the War (Co-authored with Dr. Catherine Luther)

References, pp. 159-191

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