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University of Tennessee

Christopher Gadsden and the American Revolution
by E. Stanly Godbold, Jr. and Robert H. Woody

Christopher Gadsden and the American Revolution

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Front Matter, pp. i-xii
Cover page, publication information, dedication, table of contents, illustrations, preface

Chapter 1, pp. 3-21
Education of a Radical

Chapter 2, pp. 22-49
First Defiance

Chapter 3, pp. 50-71
Liberty, and No Stamps

Chapter 4, pp. 72-98
Gentlemen in Homespun

Chapter 5, pp. 99-115
The Devil Take All

Chapter 6, pp. 116-133
Business in Philadelphia

Chapter 7, pp. 134-146
"Dont Tread on Me"

Chapter 8, pp. 147-163
A Man on Revolution Bent

Chapter 9, pp. 164-177
The Challenge of Independence

Chapter 10, pp. 178-189
An Affair of Honor

Chapter 11, pp. 190-213
War and Exile

Chapter 12, pp. 214-224
The Trials of Victory

Chapter 13, pp. 225-254
Keeper of the Revolution

Abbreviations, pp. 255-256

Notes, pp. 257-289

Bibliographical Note, pp. 290-292

Index, pp. 293-303

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