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University of Tennessee

John Adams: A Life
by John Ferling

John Adams: A Life

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Front Matter, pp. i-x
Cover page, frontispiece, publication information, table of contents, illustrations, preface

Introduction, pp. 1-5

PART ONE - Love of Fame

Chapter 1, pp. 9-19
Vanity Is My Cardinal Vice

Chapter 2, pp. 20-38
Shall I Creep or Fly?

Chapter 3, pp. 39-63
To Thine Own Self Be True

Chapter 4, pp. 64-85
The Scene of Action

PART TWO - An Epocha in History

Chapter 5, pp. 87-99
Tea That Bainfull Weed

Chapter 6, pp. 100-113
Until Our Rights Are Fully Restored

Chapter 7, pp. 114-130
We Shall Do Something in Time

Chapter 8, pp. 131-144
Oh That I Was a Soldier!

Chapter 9, pp. 145-166
A Total Absolute Independence

Chapter 10, pp. 167-182
To Leave This Station with Honour

PART THREE - Safe and Glorious in the Harbour of Peace

Chapter 11, pp. 183-217
A Man of No Consequence

Chapter 12, pp. 218-242
My Business Is Peace

Chapter 13, pp. 243-265
Thus Drops the Curtain

Chapter 14, pp. 266-291
High against America

PART FOUR - One Man of Inflexible Integrity

Chapter 15, pp. 293-325
Much to Be Grateful For

Chapter 16, pp. 326-347
An Office of Hard Labor and Severe Duty

Chapter 17, pp. 348-371
War Is Inexpedient

Chapter 18, pp. 372-395

Chapter 19, pp. 396-413
The Seeds of Discontent and Division

PART FIVE - I Still Live and Enjoy Life

Chapter 20, pp. 415-437
A Retired Hermetical Life

Chapter 21, pp. 438-444
A Heavy Burden to Carry

Afterword, pp. 445-454

Abbreviations, pp. 455-456

Notes, pp. 457-514

Select Bibliography, pp. 515-521

Index, pp. 523-535

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