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University of Tennessee

The Southern Colonial Backcountry
David C. Crass, Steven D. Smith, Martha A. Zierden,
and Richard D. Brooks, eds.

The Southern Colonial Backcountry

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Front Matter, pp. i-xxviii
Cover page, publication information, dedication, table of contents, illustrations, acknowledgments, introduction

Chapter 1, pp. 1-35
The Southern Backcountry: A Geographical House Divided

Chapter 2, pp. 36-55
Muddied Waters: A Discussion of Current Interdisciplinary Backcountry Studies

Chapter 3, pp. 56-68
Shadow Land: Provisional Real Estate Claims and Anglo-American Settlement in Southwestern Virginia

Chapter 4, pp. 69-75
From Creeks to Crackers

Chapter 5, pp. 76-86
Taverns and Communities: The Case of Rowan County, North Carolina

Chapter 6, pp. 87-107
Economic Development in the South Carolina Backcountry: A View from Camden

Chapter 7, pp. 108-136
"A Fer Ways Off from the Big House": The Changing Nature of Slavery in the South Carolina Backcountry

Chapter 8, pp. 137-161
"Here are Frame Houses and Brick Chimneys": Knoxville, Tennessee, in the Late Eighteenth Century

Chapter 9, pp. 162-181
"Seeing" Early Appalachian Communities through the Lenses of History, Geography, and Sociology

Chapter 10, pp. 182-199
Between Two Cultures: Judge John Martin and the Struggle for Cherokee Sovereignty

Chapter 11, pp. 200-220
Folk Art, Architecture, and Artifact: Toward a Material Understanding of the German Culture in the Upper Valley of Virginia

Epilogue, pp. 221-236
Interdisciplinary Dialogues on the Southern Colonial Backcountry, 1893-1998

Selected Bibliography, pp. 237-248

Contributors, pp. 249-252

Index, pp. 253-256

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