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From Cahokia to Larson to Moundville:
Death, World Renewal, and the Sacred in the Mississippian Social World of the Late Prehistoric Eastern Woodlands

by A. Martin Byers

From Cahokia to Larson to Moundville

DOI: 10.7290/V76Q1V59

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Front Matter, pp. i-viii
Cover page, publication information, table of contents

PART I. Understanding the Mississippian Period: Theoretical and Methodological Fundamentals

Chapter 1, pp. 3-34
Introduction: Mississippian Settlement Patterns

Chapter 2, pp. 35-70
Alternative Views of the Mississippian World

Chapter 3, pp. 71-110
Alternative Theoretical Constructs of the Mississippian Social System

Chapter 4, pp. 111-138
Calumet Ceremonialism and Interregional Interaction

Chapter 5, pp. 139-190
Mortuary Ritual, Cultural Traditions, and World Renewal

Chapter 6, pp. 191-248
Custodial Ritual Usufruct Franchising and Conveyancing

PART II. Mississippianization of the Central Illinois Valley: From Cahokia to Larson

Chapter 7, pp. 251-294
The Central Illinois Valley Terminal Late Woodland Period

Chapter 8, pp. 295-324
The Central Illinois Valley Mississippianization Process: Orthodox View

Chapter 9, pp. 325-360
The Migration Thesis and the Dickson Mounds Site as a Cemetery CBL: A Summary and Critique

Chapter 10, pp. 361-406
The Dickson Mounds Site as a World Renewal Cult Sodality Heterarchy CBL

Chapter 11, pp. 407-468
The Cult Sodality Heterarchy Account of the Central Illinois Valley Mississippianization Process

PART III. The Mississippianization of the Black Warrior River Region: From Cahokia to Moundville

Chapter 12, pp. 471-524
A Theoretical Critique of the Southeastern Mississippian Chiefdom Model

Chapter 13, pp. 525-576
Types of Complementary Heterarchical Communities

Chapter 14, pp. 577-648
Moundville as a Monistic Paramount Chiefdom Polity and Cemetery CBL

Chapter 15, pp. 649-700
Moundville as a Cult Sodality Heterarchy and World Renewal CBL1

Chapter 16, pp. 701-758
The West Jefferson-Moundville I Transition

Chapter 17, pp. 759-818
The Moundville Mortuary Sphere: Competing Views

Chapter 18, pp. 819-854
The Roadway Mortuary and Ceramic Data and the Development of Moundville Factionalism

Chapter 19, pp. 855-878
The Mississippian Cult Sodality Heterarchy System (MCSH): A Summary Overview

Bibliography, pp. 879-906

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