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University of Tennessee

Building Bridges in Anthropology:
Understanding, Acting, Teaching, and Theorizing

Edited by Robert Shanafelt

Building Bridges in Anthropology

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DOI: 10.7290/V7RN35S4

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Front Matter, pp. i-ix
Cover page, publication information, dedication, table of contents

Introduction, pp. 1-18
Robert Shanafelt

PART I. Theory and Concepts

Chapter 1, pp. 21-31
Traversing the Great Divide: The Embodiment of Discourse Between You and Me

Chapter 2, pp. 33-49
Culture as Information: Not a Shaky Link but a Stable Connection

Chapter 3, pp. 51-73
Human Scales

PART II. Teaching and Practice

Chapter 4, pp. 77-102
"I Didn't Evolve from No Monkey": Religious Narratives about Human Evolution in the US Southeast

Chapter 5, pp. 103-145
Enculturating Student Anthropologists Through Fieldwork in Fiji

Chapter 6, pp. 147-174
Making Africa Accessible: Bringing Guinea-Bissau into the University Classroom

Chapter 7, pp. 175-183
Causes Mini-Film Festival: Anthropology for Public Consumption

PART III. Ethnography

Chapter 8, pp. 187-212
Searching for the Spirit: Researching Spirit-Filled Religion in Guatemala

Chapter 9, pp. 213-225
"Ooo Ooo, Aah Aah": People, Bonobos, and Mirrored Projections at the Zoo

Chapter 10, pp. 227-238
The Kegare Concept

Contributors, pp. 239-242

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