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University of Tennessee

General Information

Newfound Press publishes peer-reviewed works that may have a limited and/or specialized audience. We are a digital-only press, although we do provide print on demand of some titles in partnership with the University of Tennessee Press. We invite submissions of book length manuscripts, queries about digital media presentations, and proposals from editors for Newfound Press to host scholarly journals or other serial works. The Press especially seeks works that incorporate multimedia and other types of innovative presentation. Also of particular interest are works with interdisciplinary approaches and those relevant to Tennessee and the Southeast.

Newfound Press hosts peer-reviewed journals and other serial publications managed by an editor whose sponsor (e.g. scholarly society, university department) accepts responsibility for the content. Journals are presented through the Berkeley Electronic Press (bepress) Digital Commons journal management platform, the same software that powers Trace.

Newfound Press Business Plan, 2008-2011

Criteria for Publication

• Demonstrates scholarly rigor
• Offers an innovative presentation, particularly involving digital media
• Contains content and approach of potential interest across disciplines
• Reflects regional relevance
• Merits wide dissemination and preservation, but unlikely to be published by a traditional press because of narrow focus or innovative format

Newfound Press Staff

Holly Mercer, Associate Dean and
Director, Newfound Press

Provides strategic and innovative direction and oversight of dynamic library programs to support and sustain faculty research through digital scholarship, data services, and intellectual property rights. Develops and maintains a broad network of partners among faculty, scholars, graduate students and administrators to support and advance the library's scholarly communication programs and goals.
611 John C. Hodges Library

Jayne Smith, Technical Editor Jayne Rogers

Produces online publications in monograph and journal formats. Manages Newfound Press permissions related to publication. Incorporates open source and commercial software into publications design. Provides training for the use of publishing services. Provides information about issues related to processes, structures, functions, and technologies of scholarly communication.
653-A John C. Hodges Library

Newfound Press Editorial Board

The Newfound Press Editorial Board represents diverse disciplines across the research university. The Board offers innovative ideas about the scholarly electronic publishing process, explores new document genres, and develops strategies for making scholarly and specialized resources widely available at a reasonable cost. Through participation in the peer review process, the Board enhances the research value of works in the digital realm, and seeks opportunities for Newfound Press to advance the University of Tennessee reputation for scholarship.

Editorial Board

Gladys Alexandre-Jouline Biochemistry & Cellular and Molecular Biology (2014)
Suzie Allard School of Information Sciences (2014)
Jennifer Beals University Libraries (ex officio)
Harry Dahms Sociology (2015)
Scot Danforth UT Press (ex officio)
Melanie Feltner-Reichert University Libraries (ex officio)
Holly Mercer University Libraries, Chair
Mary Papke English (2014)
Tami Wyatt Nursing (2014)

Newfound Press News

Contact Newfound Press

611 John C. Hodges Library
University of Tennessee Libraries
1015 Volunteer Boulevard
Knoxville, Tennessee 37996-1000
Phone: 865-974-6600
Fax: 865-974-4259